Renting A Pet Let: Tips To Find A Pet-Friendly Property

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Pet Let

I have been quite quiet recently on the blogging front because it has been over a month since I wrote my last blog post! As I have been planning a big change within my life. On the 15th September 2018 we are moving to Greater Manchester from Leeds. I am going back to university to study my PGCE to become a teacher. While, Michael has accepted a Web Developer job for a prestigious company. One of the biggest challenges faced about moving was finding a property that will accept my Pug Louie. As a result, I decided to put together this blog post about my top tips on finding a ‘Pet Let’. To prove that you do not have to give up your ‘Furry Friend’ for the sake of a Landlord!


When initially searching for a ‘Pet Let’ in the North West of England I used Zoopla. Zoopla is an online search engine in which you can browse properties for sale and to let within the UK. The most useful feature of this website is the ‘Filters’. Allowing the user to select certain preferences. This meant I could filter my search to only show unfurnished two-bedroomed properties, within my budget that had garden access. However, the most helpful filter in finding a ‘Pet Let’ is that you can filter the search by ticking ‘Pets Allowed’. This automatically removes properties that strictly do not allow pets.

Estate Agents – ‘Pet Let’

Another great tip is to speak to different estate agents within area directly. After selecting a few properties to view from Zoopla. I decided to contact some local estate agents within the area I am moving to. In order to see if they had a ‘Pet Let’ on their books. The majority of estate agents that I contacted did not have pet-friendly properties but they kept my details on file and would contact me if any did come up. As properties appear on the market on a daily basis. Nevertheless, a few estate agents that I contacted had a ‘Pet Let’ which was available for a viewing.


Finally, when finding a ‘Pet Let’ be aware of the deposit. When enquiring into rentals some Landlords/Estate Agents require a higher deposit on the property for your pet. The deposit amount varies from property to property. For example, some landlords ask for an extra £100 – £300 on the deposit but some might even ask for higher amount. However, I was fortunate enough with our new property that the estate agent only asked for the standard deposit amount of one month’s rent for Louie to live in the property.

Finding a ‘Pet Let’ can be a frustrating and stressful time because properties are often far and few between. But the best advice is not to give up on the search! As the right property will be out there to suit your needs. As I found a rental for my little family and we are now excited to move. In order to start the next chapters within our lives and Louie gets to experience it too!

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