5 Must-Have Products When Owning Your First Dog

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First Dog

Getting your first dog can be an exciting but also daunting time. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the 5 must-have products that you need when owning your first dog.

First Dog Playpens

A playpen is a must-have product when owning your first dog. I purchased this playpen in preparation for Louie’s arrival. I chose this product due to it’s ability to collapse and fold away for ease of storage. Not only that, due to it’s detachable panels you can move the pen into various shapes to maximise the space inside it. I found this useful because I used it to fence off an area in my open plan flat. This designated area was a space that my first dog Louie could feel comfortable in. This pen can act as a safety barrier for household hazards such as fireplaces that could harm your dog. The pen is also suitable for outdoor use. Putting your mind at ease that your new arrival will be safe when enjoying the fresh air. Click here to buy the playpen.

Car Pet Seat Cover

I have found this a necessary product to have when wanting to transport my Pug. As nobody mentioned how much a Pug sheds it’s hairs! This Car Pet Seat Cover is a universal and fits perfectly onto the back seats of your car. The cover clips to the headrest and it has holes for the seatbelt buckle to slide through. To secure your first dog in for a safe journey. The Pet Seat Cover is 100% machine washable and is made of a durable polyester. So there is no need to panic about muddy paws! Click here to buy the seat cover.


I think it is important to purchase a harness for your first dog. I chose to purchase this harness over a collar because it provides better control on walks. It is a great training tool because it discourages pulling on the lead. Harnesses are beneficial for specific breeds such as Pugs. Pugs have respiratory problems and are at risk of neck injuries if they wear a collar. Dr Ann Hohenhaus states, “Tugging and pulling on a collar puts extra stress on windpipe and will provoke a severe coughing episode”. Click here to buy the harness.

Waterproof Coat

The 4th must-have buy for your first dog is a Waterproof Coat. Dogs’ fur is waterproof but I purchased this coat for Louie in the winter season. The coat is fully waterproof and has adjustable straps allowing for a perfect fit to your pooch. One of the top benefits is that it has legs straps. Reducing the ability for the coat to move around on walks. Finally, it has a fur lining for that extra layer of warmth on snowy winter’s day. Click here to buy the waterproof coat.

None-spill Feeding Bowls

Image goes here The final must-have purchase when owning your first dog is a none-spill feeding bowls. I chose to buy this product as the bowls are removable from the feeding tray. Allowing for an easier access to refill your dog’s food and water supplies. Also the product is made from none-slip material stopping your dog’s ability to push his food around the room. Finally, the none-spill feature catches any excess spillages, allowing for an easy clean after mealtimes. This especially is a great feature for Pugs, like Louie, as they tend to spill while drinking! Click here to buy the feeding bowls.

These 5 must-have products are essential on the shopping list when owing your first dog. Louie loves them and I am sure your first dog will too!


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