Disneyland Paris: How to get a cheap break

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Disneyland Paris

Want to experience the magic of Disneyland Paris? Do not fear, I can be your Fairy Godmother and make you wish come true! I have put together some money-saving tips on how to get a cheaper break to Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris Theme Park Tickets

Disneyland Paris have two theme parks to enjoy and explore. The Disneyland Park contains the iconic ‘Cinderella’s castle’.  Whereas, Walt Disney Studios has a ‘movie-magic’ theme and it is where most of the thrill-seeking rides are found. However, it is important to visit both of the parks to get the full Disneyland experience. When it comes to tickets, sellers offer ‘park-hopper’ tickets, which means that you can enter both parks on the same day. These types of tickets range from 1-day, 2-day, 3-day & 4-day.

However, if you are only planning on a visiting Disneyland Paris for a short period of time, I do not think these types of ticket are cost-effective. Therefore, on my most recent trip I only spent 2 full days visiting the theme parks. As a result, I chose to buy two quantities of 1-day 1 Park ticket. This is because I chose spend one full day in each theme park to save money on the entry fee. Plus, you can cover the main parts of each park easily within 1 day.

I used Attractiontix to purchase these tickets because they offer 1-day tickets from £38 for adults. Matching the same price of a child admission. £38 tickets are valid in mini season periods, which is when I visited Disneyland Paris. Mini Season is when the parks are at their quietest periods, which means you can explore with hardly any queues. Cheap Tickets and straight on rides, what could be better? More information about the different ticket seasons can be found here. Finally, when purchasing these tickets through Attractiontix the price includes money-saving vouchers. The money-saving vouchers can be spent towards restaurants in Disney Village, such as 15% off dining at Planet Hollywood.


The next big question once you have your tickets, is where to stay? On my most recent trip I chose to stay at the B&B Hotel at Disney Paris. I chose to stay at this hotel due to it being the cheapest hotel in Disneyland vicinity. The cheapest rate for this hotel is booking through the website directly. This is because B&B is a European chain similar to Travelodge, in which it is cheap to book with them direct.

Disney own eight hotels all situated on park, however due to their location they all come with an extortionate price tag.  However, on the opposite side of Disneyland Paris there are partner hotels. Partner hotels are endorsed by Disneyland Paris and offer some great benefits. For example, a free regular shuttle bus to the theme parks.

The B&B Hotel is a partner hotel that offer a free breakfast, free shuttle and a Disney Licensed gift shop inside. Out of all the partner hotels it is the cheapest. The rooms are basic, clean and have all the amenities you would need. Beside all you are going to do is sleep in the hotel because you will be out exploring the Disneyland Paris all day!


All of the above are my top money-saving tips on how you can save on your next break to Disneyland Paris. So, you will have more pennies left to spend on bringing back magical souvenirs and memories that will last a lifetime! Are you looking for some cheaper thrills closer to home? Why not also check out my blog post on how to get cheap theme park tickets in the UK.


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