How To Find A Cheap Spa Day

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Cheap Spa Day

Are you in need of forgetting all your stresses associated with everyday life? Want to indulge in the luxury of a spa day but do not have the luxury of the associated expense. Here is a how you can get a cheap spa day and spa break. So you can enjoy luxury for less.

Cheap Spa Day

When looking for a cheap spa day consider several factors. Firstly, who is going on the spa day. Is it a sole visit or a group/couple visit? I tend to find that it is easier to get a cheap spa day for a group visit over a sole visit. However, it is still possible to find a cheap spa day for both of these categories and the best site for this is Groupon.

With Groupon you enter your chosen location where you wish to attend your spa day. Then it will bring up the relevant search results for different discounted spa days in which you can chose one that suits your preference. For example, currently Groupon are offering a cheap spa day at the Village Spa in multiple locations across the country. The package is either available to one person or two people. Where the user is entitled to two treatments and use of the leisure and spa facilities. Also, Groupon frequently add extra discount to their local deals. They often have a discount code displayed on the homepage of their website. It is worth checking daily to see what extra discount you can get off your cheap spa day.

Another way to get a cheap spa day is to book with the spa direct, as often this is where to secure the best price. So if there is a spa within your area that you are keen to visit, it’s worth visiting their website or social media pages to see offers they have on. For example, most spas offer discount on a β€œTwilight Package”. A Twilight package is when you visit the spa on an evening between set hours, often between 6-9pm on weekday evenings. Usually in a Twilight Package the offer the same as what you would get in your day spa package. With the difference being that you are attending at a off-peak time.

Cheap Spa Break

Spa Break

Spa breaks are a great way to make the feeling of luxury last a little longer. However, this can often come at a big expense compare to a spa day. Therefore, here are a few tips on how to secure a cheap spa break.

When looking for a cheap spa break I choose the spa in which I would like to stay. I then look direct on their website to see if they are offering any deals directly. If not, I put the Spa Hotel into to see what price they are offering for my chosen dates. are currently offering 10% off stays with voucher code 10UKOFF (If for any reason the code does not work email me and I will send you their latest voucher code). By entering this code it reduces the cost of the spa break significantly making the luxury seem more cost effective. Another savvy tip to get a cheap spa break is to book a stay that is mid-week or on a Sunday evening. As these stays are not seen as peak travel times.

These are my savvy money-saving tips to get the best deals on cheap spa days and spa breaks. So you can enjoy luxury for less and unwind knowing that you got the best deal possible.


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