Cheap Beach Holiday: A Guide To The Costa Del Sol

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Cheap Beach Holiday

Fed up of the rainy British weather? Reluctant pay the extortionate price that travel agents offer for a package holiday to experience a bit of sun. Do not worry, I have the answer!  I have complied my top tips on how you can save and bag yourself a cheap beach holiday to the Costa Del Sol. Where the sun is always guaranteed to shine.


One of the first things to take into consideration when booking a cheap beach holiday is the location. You need somewhere that is still warm but not rainy within the cheaper months of travel.

For this reason, that is why I chose the Costa Del Sol, as it has a hotter climate than the UK all year-round. With temperatures still reaching high 20s with lows of 19 degrees towards the end of September. September is often a cheaper month to travel, due to it being out of season regarding the school holidays. However, you are still benefitting from the in-season climate but at a cheaper price.


Yet, another reason I chose the Costa Del Sol is the ability to get to the beach resorts via public transport. As Malaga Airport has a train station a few moments’ walk from the main terminal building.  Trains from this station operate a direct line to the main tourist resorts – including Torremolinos and Benalmadena.

This train is daily from early in the morning until late at night, running every 20 mins (depending on the day/season). With the train costing a few euros per person, it is great for saving money on the airport transfer. It still takes a similar amount of time as a private transfer but is at the fraction of the cost.  More information on the trains can be found here.

Private transfers can be a costly expense, if you are trying to avoid the cheaper option of a shared shuttle bus. Besides, who wants to be on a shared shuttle that takes 3 times as long to get your resort, due to all the accommodation drop offs. Plus, you can almost guarantee there will be a screaming child on the shuttle bus too! So why bother with all that, why not just save money and use public transport to arrive on your own time schedule.

Cheap Beach Holiday Accommodation

The next factor to consider when booking a cheap beach holiday is where to stay for the duration of your vacation. For example, whether to stay in an Hotel or Apartment or a Resort Complex. The choice of accommodation has to be suitable for your requirements. I choose to stay in apartment complexes that have easy access to a pool. This is because when I go on a cheap beach holiday, there is only myself and my boyfriend traveling. We both enjoy days lounging around the pool. Plus, we thrive going self-catering due to the freedom of choice on where you can eat.

Therefore, to find my accommodation I used Airbnb, which is a global site for private accommodation across the world, to suit all tastes and party sizes. Whether that be looking at a private room or a private house to stay in. Airbnb is a user-friendly site. Where you can enter your destination, select the duration of your stay, plus add any filters you may like i.e. Pool, Air-con, etc. You can save money on accommodation through Airbnb. When you first sign up you received £50 off your first stay. As I result, I chose an apartment within a central location of Benalmadena. With the £50 off voucher I got the apartment for a whole week at a £100 pound per person. Now that’s what you call a bargain!

All of the above, are my top tips on how you can save on a cheap beach holiday to the Costa Del Sol. Allowing the luxury of a beach holiday to be accessible to everyone. Whatever your budget may be! As everyone deserves to enjoy an escape to the sun, in order to avoid reality for a little while

Are beach holidays not your thing? Why not check out my other post on how to get a cheap city break if sightseeing is more your scene.


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