Bingo: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

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It is now half-way through August which can only mean one thing? It is time for monthly date night. This time it was Michael’s turn to choose the date activity for the letter ‘B’. So, he decided to spend our Saturday night at the Bingo. Therefore, this post is a Beginner’s Guide to Bingo and contains everything you need to know.

Bingo New Member Offers.

Mecca Bingo offers £5.00 games for new members when you sign up in a club branch. However, as I am already a member of the Mecca Bingo, I encouraged Michael to sign up to become a member. As I result, I got my game for £5.00 as well, under the ‘refer a friend’ scheme. This offer of £5.00 games is available every day of the week to new members on signing up.  Additionally, this offer applies to paper or electronic games during a bingo session.

Paper Games

This is the first big question as a beginner at a bingo session, whether to play the game on paper or an electronic machine. Paper bingo consists of several sheets of games, in which the bingo caller will refer to which sheet is next to be played. Furthermore, each sheet consists of series of bingo cards with numbers on.If you hear a number called, corresponding to a number on your sheet, you dab it with a dabber or circle it with a pen. You follow this same process until having a line, two lines or a full house of numbers.  Only then can make a claim and call bingo. The aim is do this before anyone else in the hall to claim your cash prize.

Electronic Max Machines

Electronic Max Machines follow the same process where you play for a line, two lines and full house. The difference being is that they require a lot less effort and ‘thinking power’. As the electronic machines display your games automatically without the player having to turn over the pages manually. Plus, there is a feature called auto-dab in which the machine will automatically dab your numbers for you.Making it minimal effort to play, allowing the ability to sit back and relax with a drink. Finally, another great feature of the electronic machines is that when you are one number away from claiming bingo, it flashes with the number you are waiting on. If the number you are waiting on comes in to play, you press a button and your claim is automatically registered.


Overall, I enjoyed our Alphabet Date to the Mecca because it was something different to experience a Saturday night. As Michael, had never been to bingo before and I had only ever played paper version. Whereas, for our alphabet date we decided to play on the electronic machines. I found this experience less stressful than the paper version because I could sit back relax enjoy a few drinks with food, while trying to win my fortune!

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