Best Crazy Golf Courses in the UK

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Best Crazy Golf

September has been a whirlwind of a month, from moving house, running a half marathon and going on holiday. Therefore, to fit in our Alphabet date for this month we decided to play Crazy Golf while on holiday in Benalmádena. Inspired from our harmless fun on holiday, I have listed my top three picks of the best crazy golf in the UK. Hopefully, to influence you to pay one a visit.

Dino Falls – Trafford Centre

Located just off the M60 within Trafford City is one of the UK’s biggest crazy golf courses. Dino Falls is an 18-hole course that features a Jurassic theme at every hole. As there are prehistoric caves and gigantic dinosaurs across the course. Plus, there is also a river and a cascading waterfall, which has a fierce water-spraying Pterodactyl guarding it!

Unlike the dinosaurs the prices to play are not terrifying! In fact, they are pretty reasonable because it is £8 for an adult or £6 for a child, Senior Citizen or Student. Also, they offer a family ticket too. Furthermore, this course is open from 7 am – 10:30pm every day including bank holidays (Opening Hours differ during the festive period).

Junkyard Golf Club – Best Crazy Golf for Adults

Junkyard Golf Club is crazy golf targeted at adults. With several venues across the UK. The courses are created from pre-loved and reclaiming random items. Where visitors will putt their way through all sorts of bizarre holes, such as UV Garage, circus freaks and jungle bathtubs. Junkyard Golf have three 9-hole courses all supporting a different theme. For Example, Bonzo – is a creepy circus, Gary – a car scrapyard and Pablo – a jungle theme.

What makes Junkyard Golf one of the best crazy golf courses is the fact it encourages the players to spent time in the bar as well, grabbing some food and drink. The quirky cocktail menu is served in typical American red cups. Plus, the bar serves fairground snacks such as hotdogs and salted caramel popcorn.

Lost Jungle London

Finally, Lost Jungle is one the best crazy golf courses in the UK because it is the largest. As the monstrosity of a site hosts a 36-hole course, a 9-hole footgolf course and a 9-hole ‘short golf’ course. Which is enough to satisfy the biggest crazy golf addict! The mammoth 36-hole course encounters jungle animals, tombs, shipwrecks and waterfalls. The course is also wheelchair friendly. The prices for the course are reasonable with it being £9.50 for 18 holes for adults or £14.00 to play the full 36 holes. Plus, senior citizens, families, students and children can get discounts.

The footgolf is played on a golf course using feet with a football. The aim is to kick the ball into the hole in the fewest number of shots possible. Whereas, the 9-hole ‘short’ golf course uses specially adapted golf clubs and balls. Both of these courses are £8.00 for Adults with a £1 ball hire charge. Again, senior citizens, families, students and children can get discounts.

Theses, are my top three best crazy golf courses in the UK that you must visit. Why not choose to visit one for an Alphabet date and have a ‘Tee Off’. As a bit of competition between coupes is healthy, right? Alternatively, if you have a family enjoy a family day out to one of the courses mentioned.

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